During this time of living with a pandemic, and working towards pandemic recovery, we know many people are still suffering from the emotional and mental strain of the past year.

To support our community, we are offering four online (video) therapy sessions at the discounted rate of $80 per session.

Don't suffer alone. 

You can get the help you need TODAY.

During this difficult time, all of us deserve to be heard, supported, and understood. 


In response, we are running a limited time package of four online (video) therapy sessions for $80 each for those financially affected by Coronavirus.

Anyone living in Colorado can take advantage of this offer.

If you are struggling with COVID-19 related issues like isolation, loneliness, re-entry anxiety, illness, anxiety and/or panic, depression, or economic instability, please reach out for the support you need.

We are also using Telehealth to help our clients with non-pandemic related issues like anxiety, depression, relationships, addiction, postpartum depression and anxiety, trauma, etc.