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Compassionate mental health services in Summit County

We are a group of mental health therapists that serve Summit County and it's surrounding areas

We help adults and teens overcome

depression, anxiety, addiction, anger, relationship difficulties, tough transitions, and trauma


We offer counseling with compassionate therapists so you can find your grit and live your 

most authentic, intentional, and joyful life


Family Center

Where mountain families learn to love, heal, and connect

  • Free parent support groups

  • Family Therapy

  • In-home family support

  • Couples counseling for children, teens, and adults

  • Comprehensive, wrap-around services for the whole family

Body Image &
Eating Disorders

At Grit Therapy, we know how common and painful it can be to experience body shame and eating issues.


We help women and men heal their relationship with their body, food, and exercise so they can experience freedom and self love.

Find your grit

Find your joy


Depression & Anxiety

We help people move through their depression, anxiety, and panic so they can begin to enjoy life again.


We help adults and adolescents repair their self-esteem and sense of purpose so they can show up as their best self.

You deserve to live your best life

Expecting & New Moms

We help women experiencing fear, sadness, regret, intrusive thoughts, and panic during their pregnancy and postpartum.

We help women move through the fear and sadness so they can enjoy their pregnancies and motherhood and more fully focus on the next chapter of their life.



You are not defined by your trauma.

We can help you identify, process, and move past trauma so you can live your most connected, happy life.

We help clients heal from trauma related to:

Sexual and physical assault, childhood abuse and neglect, combat, labor, religious/cult experiences, medical trauma, and accidents

Retirement & Older Adults

We help older adults navigate life's transitions so they can enjoy their daily life and find meaning and purpose.

Legs in Jeans


We help teens and young people understand and manage intense emotions while they navigate a complicated school, social, and family life

Find your grit

Find your joy