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We help adults living in mountain communities overcome their past, face their fear, and find their joy.

We can help you reclaim your relationships and move into your most vibrant, happy life.

Find your Grit

Find your Joy

Let us help you find your way forward to your best self 

We know that you've been trying. You've been working on moving forward, getting unstuck, improving your relationships, and feeling better, but it's time for something new. We understand the unique demands of living in a mountain community.


Every client is unique, and so is their therapy experience. We work on a range of issues with adults including:

anxiety & panic - depression - anger - addiction - work/life balance - relationships - low self-esteem - meaning and purpose - healthy communication - parenting - trauma - religious/cult abuse - pregnancy & postpartum - gender and sexual identity - life transitions - career

Call today for a free consultation and decide if Grit Therapy can help you get unstuck and move towards your goals. 

You deserve to

live up to your potential,

have healthy relationships,

and enjoy your life.

We can help you get there.


Contact us today for a free consultation.

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