You are not defined by your trauma.

We can help you identify, process, and move past trauma so you can live your most connected, happy life.

Find your grit

Find your joy

You can move past your past

While you can't change the past, you can learn to move through the pain and into a happier more connected life.

At Grit Therapy, we utilized evidence-based best practices like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and mindfulness to help clients process their trauma and live their best life.

Trauma can take many forms including:

physical and sexual abuse - rape - assault - combat/military trauma - neglect - religious and cult trauma - attachment trauma - accidents - hospital or health care related trauma - school related trauma - oppression due to race, gender, or sexuality - critical, distant, or absent parenting - trauma related to giving birth - pregnancy loss - death of a loved one

Trauma is defined as anything that is outside of our ability to cope, or our general sense of the world. A trauma can be a single overhwelming event or a series of events. We an also experience attachment trauma over time in the way that we are parented, and the way others treat us in social, school, or work settings. 

Because our systems are overwhelmed during experiences of trauma, our systems aren't able to properly process what is happening to us. Unprocessed trauma can lead to difficulty right after the event, and later in life.


Your past traumas may be affecting you if you are experiencing:



Panic Attacks

Low self-esteem

Problems in your relationships



Unexplained physical problems

Loss of interest in daily life

Low motivation

Let us help you reclaim your life

How is trauma therapy different than regular therapy?


With a trauma-informed approach, your therapist will utilize her knowledge of neuroscience, human development, attachment theory, and the mind/body connection to develop a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. A trauma lens helps your therapist understand how your past experiences affect your current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so together you can make lasting changes instead of living in the past. 


Why do my past experiences still matter?

Can't I just leave them behind?


You are not your past. You do not have to be defined by negative events that have happened to you. However, we have learned that trauma can be stored in our minds and our bodies. Because trauma overwhelms our systems, it is often stored in a way that is problematic for us. We can easily internalize negative beliefs about ourself or the world, and we can have a feeling of being "stuck" in our past experiences or relationships. 


Luckily, we have been studying and learning about trauma for many years, and there are many safe and effective ways to treat trauma that lead to freedom and happiness. If you're unsure whether or not working with Grit Therapy is a good fit for you, call us today to set up a free consultation. One of our experienced, licensed clinicians would be happy to talk to you and answer any questions that you might have.