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At Grit Therapy, we appreciate how difficult human relationships are. Our couples therapists help heal and repair relationships so you can find your way into healthy, fulfilling connections.

 Our couples specialists can help you with a range of issues including:

Conflict ~ disconnection ~ disrespect ~ communication ~ technology or substance abuse ~ infidelity ~ pregnancy loss ~ transitioning into parenthood ~ stress and anxiety  ~ physical intimacy ~ loss ~ work/life balance ~ equitable parenting and household demands ~ and more

Our therapists love to see their clients succeed in relationships

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Give Therapy a Chance


Why couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a chance for couples to learn new skills and change old patterns that are holding them back from a fulfilling, healthy relationship. Our expert couples therapists provide concrete tools for behavior change that can transform your relationship. You don't have to continue living in a high conflict, disconnected, or difficult relationship.

If we are in couples therapy, have we failed?

No! Many healthy couples seek out couples therapy to help them improve communication and relationship skills. Couples counseling is not a sign that you have failed, or that there is something wrong with your relationship. It simply means you are human, and as such, you probably need some help figuring out the complexity of human relationships.

What do you do in couples counseling?

Your therapist will work with both of you to develop an unbiased picture of the patterns and behaviors that are holding you back and creating conflict. She will work with you individually and together to help you develop insight into your relationship, helping both you and your partner take responsibility and make lasting changes. Your therapist may ask you to have hard conversations with each other in session, and may assign you homework to practice at home. 

Will I be targeted by the therapist?

Our therapists strive to be fair and unbiased, listening to each person involved to get a clear picture of the situation. If you ever feel like you are being blamed or singled out, please let them know!

I think my marriage/relationship is over, should I still do couples counseling?

A counselor can be very helpful during a separation or divorce. They can help with issues like co-parenting, decision making, and difficult conversations. Our Summit Count couples therapists can help make the difficult transition into separation easier. 

My partner won't come to couples counseling, what should I do?

We can never force another person to attend therapy, however, if your partner would like to talk with one of our couples therapists before beginning the process to ask questions and get to know the therapist, they are welcome to set up a free phone consultation.

Couples Counselors & Facilitators


Our couples counselors and facilitators utilize evidence-based practices to help couples work through pain and resentment. They understand that relationships are complex and difficult. 

Don't wait any longer to reach out for support. Many couples are able to

make huge shifts in their relationships due to counseling or facilitation.


For some couples, working with a counselor allows them to

have a more peaceful transition into a separation.

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Who is Grit Therapy's Couples Counseling for?


Married couples

Unmarried couples 

New couples

Couples who have been together a long time (yes, even you can make changes!)

Straight couples

Gay couples

LGBTQIA+ couples

Traditional and non-traditional relationship structures

​Open relationships

Religious and non-religious couples

Couples struggling with addictions

Parents and non-parents

People of all races and backgrounds

All are welcome to find healing here!

Imagine a peaceful partnership

Imagine being appreciated, seen, and heard

Imagine special events and holidays that bring joy and create meaning

Imagine engaging with conflict in a healthier way

Imagine creating or re-creating a romantic and physically intimate connection with your partner


Call today to find out what our Summit County couples therapists can do for you!

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Is it Time for Couples Therapy?

At Grit Therapy, we often get asked, "How will we know if it's time to attend couples therapy?"

We are firm believers that attending therapy BEFORE a situation turns into a crisis is most effective. Many couples wait until the situation has turned highly conflictual or disconnected before attending counseling. We suggest you start couples therapy not as a last ditch effort, but as a way to strengthen your relationship and communication skills to prevent crisis situations.

However, we know that is not always possible, and we are happy to help when you feel your relationship is in crisis, or at it's boiling point. Some signs that it's time to call and get set up with a couples specialist are:

Increased conflict that does not get resolved ~ withdrawal or shut down communication ~ lack of physical intimacy ~ violence ~ name calling ~ infidelity ~ issues with parenting ~ addiction issues including alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, shopping, technology, etc. ~ care taking fatigue ~ anxiety or depression related to your relationship