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Do Healthy Couples Need Couples Therapy?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Many people mistakenly believe that couples therapy is a last-ditch effort. Or, a way to make sure they have done "everything they can" to preserve a relationship before splitting up. In reality, couples therapy is an amazing tool for any couple wanting to experience a deeper connection and improve their relationship. Not only for those couples who are in a dire situation.

A couple sit together while looking out over the mountian range before them. Couples therapy in Summit County, CO can offer support in improving your bond. Learn more about couples therapy in Silverthorne, CO by contacting a couples therapist in Frisco, CO today.

All relationships need communication, vulnerability, self-awareness, trust, and boundaries. These are tough skills for many of us to develop in a romantic connection. The joy of couples therapy is that it can help you develop these skills and deepen your relationship. Even when you're getting along!

A great way to think about couples therapy is to think of it as a preventative measure. We may get a yearly check-up at the doctor, or get the oil changed in our car. Likewise, we must also take the time to care for our relationships and make sure that as we grow and change, we are still working together.

Think about how your relationship might be if you improve your...

  • Communication: Let's be honest, communicating with our partners can be tough! Often times we don't feel heard or seen, or we don't understand our partners. Couples therapy can help you develop skills to better understand one another while avoiding unnecessary conflict. Imagine how clear, easy communication would feel in your relationship!

  • Sex Life: Many couples struggle with their sex life. Some find it difficult to make time for physical intimacy. Others struggle to balance the mismatched desire levels of each partner. A couples therapist can help you talk about sex in a safe, supportive environment. They can help with the intention of better meeting the needs of everyone involved.

  • Deepened connection: Couples therapy can help any couple deepen their emotional, intellectual, and physical connection with each other.

  • Parenting: We often find that our clients struggle when it comes to parenting. As a result, you may feel that your partner is too lenient, too punitive, or on a different page than you. If so, couples therapy can help you get on the same team and parent in an effective way.

Think about how your relationship might be if you could prevent...

A close up of a couple sitting together as they look out at the ocean. Learn how a couples therapist in Frisco, CO can offer support via couples therapy in Silverthorne, CO and other services by searching "couples therapy in Summit County, CO" today.

  • Resentment: A lot of the resentment that builds up over time could be cleared up with honest, direct communication. Don't let your small (or big!) resentments stack up to the point where you have negative feelings about your partner.

  • Infidelity: When a person in a monogamous relationship feels unsupported, disconnected, and/or angry with their partner, they are much more likely to engage in emotional or physical infidelity. Couples therapy can help create the support, connection, and forgiveness that some people need to stay fully engaged in their relationship instead of looking to fill their emotional and physical needs elsewhere.

  • Miscommunication: We often misread our partners, or have a difficult time explaining to our partners what we think, feel, and need. Couples therapy gives couples a chance to express themselves in sessions. All while also learning skills to better express themselves at home.

  • Distrust: We find that poor communication, resentment, and infidelity often lead to a lack of trust within a marriage or partnership. Working through these issues can lead to deeper trust within a relationship. Plus, a greater level of satisfaction and connection.

  • Crisis or separation: If you are invested in your relationship and want to avoid a crisis or separation, engaging in couples therapy BEFORE you are in crisis is the best way to create stability. Thus, leading to healthy, happy connections and relationships.

A couple walk together down a street while holding hands. Learn how a couples therapist in Breckenridge, CO can help improve the health of your bond. Contact a couples therapist today to earn more about couples therapy in Summit County, CO and more!

Begin Couples Therapy in Summit County, CO

Wherever you and your partner are on your relationship journey, we are here to help! Reach out today for a free consultation to see if working with a couples therapist from our team is right for you. To start your therapy journey from our Silverthorne, CO-based practice, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Get in touch with Grit Therapy using the form below

  2. Schedule a free phone consultation

  3. Start healing from the comfort of your home!

Other Services Offered with Grit Therapy

Couples therapy isn't the only service offered at our Silverthorne-based therapy practice. We understand you are a complex person that may experience other mental health concerns. This is why we are happy to offer support with a variety of services. Other services offered include ketamine-assisted therapy, addiction counseling, therapy for depression, anxiety and panic, trauma, EMDR, and eating disorders. We also offer parenting support groups, parent coaching, support for pregnancy and postpartum, & help clients of all ages. This includes teen therapy, family therapy, and older adults. Learn more by visiting our blog or about page!

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