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Eating Disorder Treatment in Silverthorne, CO

Close up of a sign that reads "you are worthy of love" representing the joy felt from working with an eating disorder therapist for eating disorder treatment in Silverthrone, CO and Summit County at Grit Therapy

We can help you heal your relationship with






so you can experience the freedom and self-love  you deserve

Find your grit

Find your joy

Tired of the negative voices in your head?
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Are you worried about your body, food, and weight? Do these thoughts consume you and prevent you from feeling good?

Is your relationship to your body stopping you from feeling present?

Are you on a rollercoaster of diets, exercise, or unhealthy eating patterns?


At Grit Therapy, we know how common and painful it can be to experience body shame and eating issues.

We offer compassionate, skilled eating disorder treatment for:

Body shame and hatred

Body dysmorphia

Disordered eating

Toxic dieting

Obsessive thinking related to body image, food, and exercise




Depression and/or anxiety related to weight, dieting, and over-exercise



Binge eating


We help clients overcome obsessive thoughts and behaviors that have ruled their life. Our eating disorder therapists can help you develop healthy relationships with their bodies, food, and exercise. 


Call today for a free phone consultation to see if working with Grit Therapy is right for you.

Join our Body & Food Peace Group!

Every Tuesday from 5:15p to 6:15p

$10 per group | All meetings are held via Zoom

Every Tuesday we meet to discuss our relationship with our bodies, food, and exercise. An eating disorder therapist will lead a guided discussion. We will discuss the challenges we face with our bodies and self-acceptance. You will always leave with a concrete tool to help you heal your relationship with yourself.

This group is for any woman who wants to experience more peace with her body and food. This includes those struggling with body image and unhealthy eating patterns. Or, an unhealthy relationship with exercise.

The group format is a very powerful tool for healing. The benefits include:

Feeling less lonely, isolated, or judged

Reducing distress, depression, anxiety, or fatigue

Talking openly and honestly about your feelings

Improving skills to cope with challenges

Staying motivated to improve your relationship with food and body

Gaining a sense of empowerment, control, or hope

Email us HERE to join us and get on our email list!

Learn more HERE!

A plus size model holds ballloons in her underwear. This represents postive self image that a body image therapist in Silverthorne, CO and Summit County, CO can help cultivate. Contact us to learn about eating disorder treatment in Silverthorne, CO and other services.
A close up of a mug with the text "see the good." Grit Therapy helps improve self-image with eating disorder treatment in Silverthorne, CO. Contact an eating disorder therapist in Summit County, CO for support today!

Find Freedom with Eating Disorder Treatment in Summit County, CO


It's hard to enjoy life when your brain and emotional space are filled with thoughts and behaviors related to food, exercise, and your body.


We help clients free themselves to live more full and happy lives.


Imagine how your life could be if you had time to focus on the people, experiences, and things you cared most about

Four women standing against a wall smile as they laugh with one another. This represents the support that eating disorder treatment in Summit County, CO can provide. Contact an eating disorder therapist or body image therapist for support today!

Reaching Out for Eating Disorder Treatment is Hard to do


We know how hard it is to reach out for treatment. You may be afraid that if you get help,

your body will change and you won't be able to manage how you look.

Or, you may feel worried that if you change your behaviors,

you will start to feel out of control.

Some don't believe they deserve to have the freedom and joy of a healthy relationship with their body. 


If this is you, we see you! Our team understands that reaching out for eating disorder treatment is a big step. We want to assure you that we always honor and respect any resistance to change that you may bring to therapy. Also, we will always let you lead the therapy experience. You may be asked to find the courage to change and stretch outside of your comfort zone. But, you will never be asked to do anything that doesn't feel right for you.

A close up of two eggs with the male and female gender symbols for Grit Therapy. This represents how every gender can benefit from eating disorder treatment in Silverthorne, CO. Contact an eating disorder therapist for treatment for eating disorders and other services

Can boys and men benefit from eating disorder treatment?


The rate of boys and men who suffer from an eating disorder is much higher than we thought before. Men and boys do experience anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia, and disordered eating. According to the National Eating Disorder Association


"Despite the stereotype that eating disorders only occur in women, about one in three people struggling with an eating disorder is male, and subclinical eating disordered behaviors (including binge eating, purging, laxative abuse, and fasting for weight loss) are nearly as common among men as they are among women.


In the United States alone, eating disorders will affect 10 million males at some point in their lives. But due in large part to cultural bias, they are much less likely to seek treatment for their eating disorder."


Luckily, we know that boys and men show similar positive responses to treatment as women. If you or someone you know would benefit from eating disorder treatment, reach out today! Connect with a therapist and schedule your free consultation!

Grace Skattebo, MA, LPCC, is our therapist extraordinaire! She works with eating disorders at Grit Therapy. Grace has extensive experience working with eating disorders/disordered eating and body image. She has worked in several treatment centers dedicated solely to treating eating disorders. Thus, she has a deep understanding of the unique issues related to this experience.

Her approach to therapy is person-centered and based on the needs of the individual or family she works with. She incorporate a combination of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy, mindfulness, and somatic therapy in her practice.   

Photo of a woman in a jean jaclet sitting next to another person representing the power of eating disorder treatment in Summit county and getting support for family members by working a therapist a Grit Therapy. priscilla-du-preez-F9DFuJoS9EU-unsplash.jpg

Support for Family & Loved Ones

It is well known that eating disorders and substance abuse don’t just affect the person who is struggling. These disorders affect the entire family system. But the good news is that family members can be an integral part of a person’s recovery.


As a support person, you may feel frustrated, anxious, or uncertain about what to do to help your loved one. Treatment is mostly focused on the individual who is struggling with these issues. Frequently, family members struggle to cope with their emotions surrounding their loved one's struggles. They often need support and guidance as they make decisions on their loved one's care and navigate the treatment process. 

Whether it is your adolescent child, a young adult child, or an adult sibling who is struggling with an eating disorder or substance abuse - there is help available. A therapist can help you to learn how to support your loved one.


As a professional that specializes in treating eating disorders and substance abuse disorders, Hannah offers professional consultation for families and loved ones. She helps family members develop a short-term action plan, learn more about their challenges, discuss treatment options, and assist in re-establishing healthy connections. 


For an initial 50-minute professional consultation, the fee is $140. On-going family consultations are available.

Begin Eating Disorder Treatment in Silverthorne, CO

Loving the skin you're in is easier said than done. That's why our caring therapists would be happy to support you with eating disorder treatment. Our team offers support in overcoming from our Summit County, CO-based therapy practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps: 

  1. Reach out by clicking the button below

  2. Schedule a free phone consultation

  3. Start improving your relationship with food and your body

Other Services Offered with Grit Therapy 

Eating disorder treatment isn't the only service we provide at our Summit County, CO-based therapy practice. We also offer therapy for anxiety, depression, traumaEMDR, older adult therapy, addiction counseling, and family therapy. Additionally, we provide LGBTQIA+ therapy,  ketamine therapy,  parenting support groups, parent coachingsliding scale therapy, support for pregnancy and postpartum. For more helpful information, please visit our blog or about page!

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