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Support Groups in Summit County, CO

Grit Therapy is happy to provide support groups to community members of all ages and stages. Our practice gives thanks to the generous support of Building HopeSummit County WIC, and FIRC! Reach out to learn more!

Women's Mindful Movement Group

Join us for a holistic approach to wellness through intention setting, movement, mindfulness, and the power of the mind/body/spirit/nature connection.

Mindful Movement

Wellness in Nature


Yoga Flows

Women's Empowerment

Community Building


Confidence Boosting

And more!

Saturdays in September & October 2024

8a to 10a

Email for more details. 


Moms of Tots​

Join us weekly for community and a discussion of the joys and challenges of parenting a toddler. Run by Grit therapist Jane Hahn and dietician Whitney Horner

Mom's mental health and wellbeing 

Mom's changing relationships 

Going back to work 

Staying home 


Feeding your toddler 


And more!

Every Tuesday from 12p to 1p

Currently, we conduct all support groups weekly via Zoom. RSVP below to get on our weekly email list and join us!

A mother smiles as she streches with her daughter trying to climb on her back. Parenting support groups in Summit County, CO can offer support for new moms of toddlers. Search "support groups in summit county, co" to learn more how online support groups can help you today. 80498 | 80489 | 80424

New Moms Group

Join us weekly for community and a discussion of the joys and challenges of motherhood. Run by Grit Therapy and lactation consultant Whitney Horner

Mom's mental health and wellbeing



Mom's changing relationships


Going back to work

Staying home

And more!

Every Wednesday from 12p to 1p

Currently, we conduct all support groups weekly via Zoom. RSVP below to get on our weekly email list and join us!

A mother kisses her baby on the cheek with a happy expression. This represents the support parenting support groups in Summit County, CO can offer. Contact a support group for mothers in Summit County, CO to learn more or search "parenting support groups in summit county, co" today. 80498 | 80489 | 80424


Are your support groups the same as group therapy?

At Grit Therapy we offer support groups, not therapy groups. Support groups are safe, open meetings. Here, community members can get support with coping, learn tools, and connect with others. We offer a place for people to be seen and understood. Personal sharing is optional, and we would love to have you join us wherever you are on your journey!

Therapy groups are more structured experiences. A licensed counselor or therapist works with individuals to create lasting change around their specific mental health issues.

Are support groups a substitute for individual therapy?

For many of our participants, our group support offers a huge relief. It can help them get through a difficult time. But, support groups do not address underlying mental health issues. Nor issues within your relationships. If you have any questions about the level of support that you need, please email or call us today. We can set you up with a free phone consultation with a licensed therapist who can help assess your needs. 

Are support groups effective? What will I get out of my experience?

Support groups are very effective in providing a sense of community and relief. It allows you to normalize your experience and relieves feelings of loneliness. You can expect powerful connections with others who have had similar experiences to you. Plus, you can also receive advice, feedback, and resources.

How are you dealing with COVID safety in the group setting?

Currently, all our support groups meet online via Zoom. Our New Moms and Moms of Tots groups meet in person once monthly. 

Do you have room for me in your current groups?

Yes! Currently, we have room in all of our groups for more participants. RSVP NOW and we will get you all set up to join us!

Join our Support Groups in Summit County, CO


Our team is happy to offer a variety of in-person and online support groups. We are happy to facilitate the healing power of community. Our caring therapists are ready to support you from our Summit County, CO-based therapy practice. To start your therapy journey today, please follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to Grit Therapy using the form below

  2. Schedule a free phone consultation

  3. Start healing from the comfort of home!


Other Services Offered With Grit Therapy 

Our support groups aren't the only service we offer from our Silverthorne, CO-based therapy practice. Other services include therapy for depression, couples therapy and marriage counseling, trauma therapy, addiction counseling, and eating disorder therapy. We also provide parent coaching, support for pregnancy and postpartum, & help clients of all ages. This is via teen therapy, family therapy, and older adult therapy. Feel free to learn more about Grit Therapy by visiting our blog or about page!

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