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Ketamine Therapy in Summit County, CO

A person with pink hair extends her arms as she looks out over the ocean. This could symbolize the inner peace a ketamie therpist in Summit County, CO can help cultivate. Learn more about ketamie therapy in Summit County, CO. A ketamie therapist in Silverthorne, CO would be honored to support you today!  80498 | 80489 | 80424


Repeating old patterns?

Is traditional talk therapy not working for you?


Ketamine therapy in Summit County, CO may be the answer you've been looking for

Find your grit

Find your joy

Why Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in Summit County, CO?

You may have tried talk therapy in the past and now feel stuck.

You may be looking for a different approach to heal difficult feelings or trauma.

Or, you may be ready to re-program old stories and beliefs and move past what holds you back from the life you truly deserve.


Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, including ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, is a form of therapy. It helps help people go deeper into their experiences and heal at a subconscious level. Doing so often creates deeper longer-lasting change.


Ketamine is a safe, legal medicine that can induce psychedelic states in a gentle way. Ketamine is a dissociative. This means it creates a sense of safety and distance from otherwise potentially disturbing experiences. These are often avoided or feel overwhelming in a normal talk therapy session.


How Does Ketamine Therapy in Summit County, CO Work?


The standard treatment plan for ketamine-assisted therapy includes a preparation phase. This consists of at least 3 individual sessions (“dry sessions”, or sessions without the medicine). Then, a mandatory medical consultation with my prescribing nurse or physician. From there, the client will complete a series of 2-4 sessions per month using ketamine. These sessions are followed by or accompanied by integration sessions. These help process and integrate the therapeutic experiences that take place during the medicine sessions.


Preparation and integration sessions will be scheduled for 50 minutes. Medicine sessions will be scheduled for two hours. These will include a few minutes of checking in at the beginning of the session. After a brief check-in, the client will self-administer ketamine as a sublingual lozenge. Ketamine takes around 10 minutes to dissolve. At this point, clients will experience relaxation and some pleasant body sensations. Clients will then lay down in a relaxing experience along with music, blankets, and an eye mask. 


The modality that I use makes use of ketamine at a low dose. This is to provide a gentle setting that allows the client to focus on their internal experiences. During this time, I provide support and gently guide the process.

We use ketamine assisted therapy to help heal many issues including:





Eating disorders/disordered eating

Chronic worry or fear

Sexual assault and abuse


Low self-esteem


A close up of a glass orb reflecting the sunlight and nearby river for Grit Therapy. Contact a ketamie therapist in Silverthorne, CO to learn more about ketamie infusion therapy in Summit County, CO. Ketamine therapy in Summit County, CO can help you better understand yourself.  80498 | 80489 | 80424
A close up of pink flowers against a blurry background. This could represent the inner peace that ketamie therapy in Summit County, CO can cultivate. Learn more about ketamie assisted psychotherapy in Summit County, CO todayby contacting a ketamie therapist in Silverthorne, CO today!  80498 | 80489 | 80424

Will I be overwhelmed or feel unsafe?


Ketamine is very safe when used in sessions with a licensed therapist.


You may experience some uncomfortable or difficult memories or issues in session, like with traditional talk therapy. But, medicine often makes it easier to face these difficult memories or issues. This occurs by creating a sense of distance from otherwise disturbing content.


Meet Your Therapist!

Hi! I'm Jane Ambro. I am a ketamine assisted therapist and LCSW at Grit Therapy. 

I help adults gain the skills to work through depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, anger and chronic illness. I believe that life is short, and you deserve to live it doing what you love with a smile on your face. However, I also know that our fears, sadness, and pain can easily keep us from living our best life. Through an open, honest therapeutic relationship, I can help you overcome the barriers to joy and connection. 

I am excited about the new ways we are learning to heal and enhance our mental health via the safe use of medicines and experiential therapy. As a practitioner of Ketamine assisted therapy, I have had the chance to see this type of therapy firsthand. I would be happy to guide you through your treatment with a deep knowledge of how this medicine works.


Due to the limitations of insurance companies, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is only offered via self-pay right now at a rate of $150/hr. The investment for each preparation and integration session is $150/session. The investment for each medicine session (scheduled for two hours) is $300/session. The mandatory medical consultation with prescribing nurse or physician, as well as the ketamine prescription itself, will be at an extra cost. 

Begin Ketamine Therapy in Summit County, CO

Talk therapy isn't the only option in helping you overcome the pain of the past. Our team would be honored to support you from our Silverthorne, CO-based therapy practice. We will be with you every step of the way to help you unpack these sessions and any past concerns. To start your ketamine assisted therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Reach out to Grit Therapy using the form below

  2. Schedule a free phone consultation

  3. Start your "dry" sessions with Hannah

  4. Connect with our prescriber to receive your ketamine prescription for your medicine sessions

Other Services Offered With Grit Therapy 

Ketamine therapy isn't the only service offered at our Silverthorne, CO-based therapy practice. Other mental health services include addiction counseling, therapy for depression, anxiety and panic, trauma, EMDR, and eating disorders. We also provide parenting support groupsparent coaching, support for pregnancy and postpartum, LGBTQIA+, & help clients of all ages. This includes teen therapy, family therapysliding scale therapy, and older adults. Learn more by visiting our blog or about page!

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