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For tweens and teens who are ready to stop hurting themselves and start leading happy, thriving lives

If you're a parent and your child has been engaging in self-destructive behaviors like cutting, self-harm, suicidal ideation, or suicide attempts and you feel hopeless and scared about their safety... 

Or if you are a teen who is tired of feeling depressed, overwhelmed, isolated, and unsafe, and you are ready to feel happy and connected...

Image by Emmanuel Olguín

Teens That Hurt can help!

Move from struggling to thriving by learning:

Image by Melissa Askew
  • How to create a safety plan that keeps you safe when big emotions start to take over

  • Why suicide or self-harm is never a good solution, and what solutions actually WORK when you need to feel better

  • How to decrease thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts, or self-harm and avoid inpatient hospitalizations

  • How you can stop hurting yourself and start thriving in your life today!

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Hi! I'm Joseph, and I help tweens and teens just like you go from hurting to happy so that you can connect and thrive in your life.

Please reach out for more information about my Teens That Hurt Group. 


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