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We help women work through the dark and difficult moments of their life so they can move into their most authentic, successful, and joyful life


Find your Grit

Find your Joy

Let us help you find your way forward to your best self 

The demands on a woman's time, mind, and spirit are great. Many of us lose our footing while we struggle with self-esteem, fear, worry, loneliness, and sadness.  At Grit Therapy, we believe that every woman has the unique ability to heal from her past, create a bright future, and reclaim her power.


Every client is unique, and so is their therapy experience! We work on a range of issues with a range of women including:

anxiety - depression - chronic worry - low self-esteem - body image issues - identity, purpose and meaning - career stress - work-life balance - religious trauma - spirituality - sexuality

Call today for a free consultation and decide if Grit Therapy can help you move towards your goals. 

You are unique ~ You are powerful

But sometimes, you feel lost and alone

You have big ideas and big goals

But the fear, the loneliness, the darkness seem to get in the way

You deserve to live up to your full potential 

But there is something holding you back

You already have everything you need to heal and thrive. Let us help you unlock your natural potential for joy and well-being

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