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Self Care in Three Minutes or Less

Let’s face it, these are not our most productive days. The stress of the pandemic has left many of us with diminished energy reserves. We are not getting as much done at home, at work, or on our creative projects. 

And yet, there is a big push from your friendly mental health professionals to focus on self care. Meditate, exercise, journal, reach out for help, develop a mindfulness practice, take walks, etc, etc. This makes sense. Keeping up your self care practice will help you feel better and survive the challenges of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

However, if you just…can’t right now...we see you. It makes sense that you have less energy and motivation to expend on self care. Be easy on yourself, and remember that self care can be quick and fun. We compiled a short list (with bullet points for fast skimming) with ideas for self care that can take less than three minutes. Don’t over do it. Pick one quick thing you can do to care for your weary self today, and if you can, try again tomorrow.

  • Set a timer for one minute, close your eyes, and count your breathes (one on the inhale, two on the exhale, etc. Start over when you get to ten.)

  • Lay on the floor and listen to your favorite song

  • Take a minute to savor a piece of chocolate (or other favorite food)

  • Stand outside and notice your five senses; what do you see, smell, feel, hear, taste?

  • Watch ridiculous cat videos (or whatever your equivalent video obsession is). Subscribe to our newsletter for our weekly segment; Stuff My Relatives Sent Me on the Internet Mail

  • Put your favorite clothes on. Even if you aren’t going to see anyone (online or otherwise) today, it feels good to love what you're wearing.

  • Do a few minutes of stretches

  • Download the HeadSpace App and do one of their three-minute guided meditations (We are loving their series about Life Challenges).

  • Always keep a full water bottle at your working space. You could even add some fresh fruit to a pitcher of water in the morning so you have something delicious and refreshing to sip on all day. 

  • Make a cup of coffee or tea and stare wistfully out the window for two minutes while you enjoy your first few sips. 

Most importantly, set a low bar for your self care work so you are more likely to do something nice for yourself today. If your self care routine takes too much time and energy, you will be more likely to skip it.

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